YouTube – Lost and Found The Prodigal Son The Skit Guys

YouTube – Lost and Found The Prodigal Son The Skit Guys.

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Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords: The victims

The faces behind the news….praying for the families and friends of these who precious lives were snuffed out. Don’t know what our country is coming to….please, Lord, have mercy on us, a sinner!

Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords: The victims.

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Been a long time……..

I know….it has been a long time since I posted. Life got pretty crazy there for awhile. My sister had a baby, my husband had to go overseas for almost 4 months straight, and we homeschooled.

Now here is a new year, new beginning. I am making these “goals”…..


– spend more time with God

– spend more time with family

– be a better wife and mom

– be more diligent in homeschooling

– join Weight Watchers with Mom and lose this weight! And get in shape. I want to run with my kids! 🙂

– be a better friend

– Geocache….we just started that right before Thanksgiving


Lord, help me to be the person I need to be for so many…..but most importantly, help me be the servant I need to be for YOU!

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Taking an amazing stand!!!!

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Long time, no post

Sorry…..long time, no post. I have had a very busy month! We are still homeschooling, taking karate, and keeping my niece. Now, I have added teaching youth Sunday School in the mix. hahah!

My husband is still gone. We hope to have him back in six weeks! 🙂 I don’t complain because I know there are so many wives whose husbands are serving in our military, putting their lives on the line, and are away for a year or so at a time. I have nothing, absolutely nothing to complain about.

The other day we had some math work to do that had “Christmas” pictures on the worksheet. I guess we are going pretty fast through our work. hahah!

I feel so blessed to be able to homeschool and be home with my children during the day. I am very tired at times, but I would not trade a minute with them for anything in the world!!!!

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Counting My Blessings

My husband’s birthday is today. He is working in Nigeria……away from his family. He works so hard for us. I pray I can be the wife he deserves. Happy Birthday, honey!

Still homeschooling and loving it! 🙂

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First week of homeschool…..

Here I am…months later. I figured I would begin blogging again…maybe for my sanity..haha!

I am now keeping my newborn niece now that my little sister is back at work. I so wish she could quit work and stay at home. I am so blessed to have a husband whose job allows us to do that.

And, we started homeschooling this week. I’m not sure if I am very good at it…..but I think this is just what God is calling us to do. Every year I get more and more discouraged with the educational systems in our country. I want my child to be on fire for God, patriotic, fearless, and inquisitive. Can’t get all that in any school around here. I pray that we will always have the freedom to educate our children like this.

We are using Abeka, Hooked on Phonics, and We’ll see how it goes. Our son was so ahead as it was because of his preschool education (they used Abeka, also).

I have thought about doubling up on the lessons… seems the first few weeks are just a review. I will “feel my way” through. I found a lot of supplemental materials in TX and at a place called “Dirt Cheap”…those in MS would know what that is….haha! And the website, time4learning seems to be pretty good. Some just use that….but I knew my son was used to Abeka.

Time to get someone ready to go to bed………..early morning in the am.

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